How Science Moved Me


Learning does not limit itself within the confines of the books we read. Intellectual improvement and holistic change does not end within the four walls of a classroom.

Sometimes, people just need to venture out to see the importance of things. Sometimes, people just need to be involved in little events to be able to appreciate their bigger worth in this world. Sometimes, people have to get out there in the open to experience the things that they will never come across if they stay in their comfort zone that is the classroom.

Who could have guessed it? That one trip to a place far away from home would teach me a couple of enlightening insights. One of these is the fact that interacting with stuff of science would compel me to look further beyond science’s limits.

Anyhow, what matters most now is how Science on the Move moved me. It changed my perceptions about science and the future. My experiences at the exhibit had taught me at least three simple truths I never thought of before.

First: wildness is part of a beautiful imagination. Well, you can always rephrase this in any way you want, but what I’m trying to drive at is that in science, the most significant outcomes can’t always be achieved with standard operating procedures. It’s like life, where in the process, the ‘what ifs’ are still more important in igniting one’s desire to alter and creatively manipulate things, and see different but remarkable results in the end.

It’s true enough that bending what is usual most likely risks everything. But who knows? Everything may be better off only when that bend is executed.

Second: understanding counts more than mere knowledge. I certainly believe that every valuable knowledge is only a fruit of an open mind. An open mind always welcomes new ideas without reservations but with proper scrutiny, and this is the essence of understanding.

A person who takes delight in accepting novel concepts rather than seeing them as ideas that can only be out of place, will always have the benefit of understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a situation. Consequently, this person will improve.

Third: science is beautiful. Not the kind of beautiful clothes, models, handbags, etc. that you find at a college fashion magazine but a different kind of beautiful. This summarizes everything that science is made of, or made for. No matter how the course of anybody’s life may change, it cannot overwhelm the magnificent gifts that God has to offer through science. No matter how the universe may largely deform, science will flex itself just as surprisingly.

For some ticks of the clock, these truths I have oddly discovered with the help of turbines, mirrors, magnets, and light (take them as confusion, reality, inevitability, and divine intervention, respectively if you like). Though strange as it seems, I will look up to this experience as something that has successfully catapulted me to another panoramic view for life, a new vantage point for change.

The Changing Times


It is interesting that as time goes by, we as a people tends to get less and less patient. We want things to be done faster and at times, that means compromising something else. Even the education of our children seems to be evolving where younger and younger kids are being exposed to things like video games. What is scary is that the video games today has evolved into a lot more violent and death oriented.

The object of the game for most of these games is to cause the demise of the opponent, often through very violent means.  Just 20 or 25 years ago, the gaming industry was dominated by games like Super Mario Bros, Galaga and other more child-oriented games but these days, we often see games that are war-oriented like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. where the goal is to shoot and kill the opponents as quickly and as bloody as possible. This had caused some of today’s children to be desensitized and feel like it is normal to shoot people.

Violent video games have been linked to a number of violent and deviant behaviors of the youth and it is not that far fetched that it is. There are games nowadays that reward deviant behavior like Grand Theft Auto where players get more money by beating up other people and initiating and winning shooting incidents against other civilians or the police.

Deviant behavior stems from the youth’s curiosity on things and they are exposed to a lot of things by the media. One of the biggest elements that the media exposes the youth to is sex. The media has even made the youth think that sexual intercourse is normal and an accepted norm even at a young age. This is why there are a lot of unplanned pregnancies out there. With the discomfort of pregnancy symptoms and increase responsibility, a lot of teens consider abortion.

Call me old-fashioned but I prefer the times where sex was something that had to mean something and the youth are engaged on more productive things like sports and community service. Progress and technology are good as long as they are used properly. Technology advancements in medicine have improved the chances of patients to survive illnesses that would have killed them just 10 years ago.

Technology has indeed improved our lives but it also has an ugly face that has influenced the youth to move towards deviant and unproductive behavior. Sure, for the most part, these are all for entertainment but the impressionable mind of the youth cannot always see the difference between entertainment and the real thing. Violence and other negative elements have infected pretty much all facets of life and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.

The game developers and other people involved needs to look more into how to make their games more productive than destructive. More than just in the gaming front, the media also needs to be more conservative on what they expose the youth to because many children gets curious about stuff when they see it on T.V. or the internet.